My photographs

Here are some photographs taken during my holidays or excursions. You are allowed to download them for personal purposes, provided you don't publish these pictures further (e.g. at your website); otherwise you must ask my permission. All these pictures are Copyright © 2000-2006 by Pawel Pilarczyk. All rights reserved.

Poland and Slovakia

Baranie Rohy
This is Pawel, the author of these photographs, with the massif of Baranie Rohy (2526 m) in the background. This picture was taken in August 2000 in the Slovakian part of the Tatra Mountains; more precisely: in the Small Cold Valley (Mala Studena Dolina), above the tourist hut Teryho Chata.

Spaleny Zlab (Rohace)
Spaleny Zlab above Rohacska Dolina (the Valley of Rohace) in the Slovakian part of Western Tatra Mountains. It is a small but nice place for skiing. [February 2001]

The Baltic Sea
A view of the Baltic Sea in a stormy weather. [April 2001]

The Alps in 2003

Flowers at Roten Kogel
Flowers in the Austrian Alps, at the altitude of ca. 2200 m above the sea level. Unfortunately, the computer reproduction does not show their really strong blue color. [July 9, 2003]

One of the pretty lakes (Neualplseen) at the feet of Schleinitz (2905 m) in the Alps in Austria. [July 12, 2003]

rock layers
These rocks look really weird, don't they? I found this rock formation near Neualplseen in Austria. [July 12, 2003]

The massif of Grossvenediger (3666 m) in the afternoon sunshine, viewed from the descent from Gradötzkogel (3063 m). [July 13, 2003]

A marmot in the Alps in Austria. [July 17, 2003]

Japan 2004

Osaka Castle
Plum blossom at the Osaka Castle in Japan. [February 28, 2004]

Japanese children
A group of Japanese children at the monorail station in Osaka. [March 2, 2004]

Five story pagoda
A five-story pagoda in Nara, an ancient capital of Japan. [March 6, 2004]

Buddha in Kamakura
A statue of Buddha in Kamakura, an old capital of Japan. [March 10, 2004]

Tokyo by night [March 12, 2004]

The Alps in 2004

Ghiacciaio di Dosegu  Ghiacciaio di Dosegu - a close-up
The magnificent glacier called Ghiacciaio di Dosegu and a close-up of its part. The rightmost peak in the horizontal picture is Punta San Matteo (3678 m), where bloody battles took place during the First World War. [July 5, 2004]

A view from the Gavia Pass (2621 m) towards the group of Adamello (3539 m) shortly after the sunrise [July 7, 2004]

A rainbow in the valley seen from the ridge of Böses Weibele (2521 m) [July 12, 2004]

church in Kals
This is an extraordinary church in the middle of fields in the village Kals am Grossglockner (1325 m) in Austria [July 18, 2004]

Winter in the Tatra Mountains

Czarny Staw
The Black Lake (Czarny Staw) and Rysy, the highest peak of Poland (2499 m) [October 19, 2003]

Kosodrzewina (dwarf pine?) in the snow in the Gasienicowa Valley [December 7, 2003]

Spruce trees (I guess) in the Koscieliska Valley [February 20, 2005]

The road in the Chocholowska Valley [March 6, 2005]

The Alps in 2005

Lienzer Dolomiten
A view from Sternalm (1505 m) towards Lienzer Dolomiten [July 19, 2005]

A panorama from Weissspitze (3300 m) [July 21, 2005]

Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italian Dolomites [July 25, 2005]

Fall in the Tatra Mountains

Green Lake
A view towards the Green Lake in the Gasienicowa Valley from the Karb gap [September 28, 2003]

Mountain Ash above the Morskie Oko Lake [October 19, 2003]

Czerwone Wierchy
A view towards the massif of Czerwone Wierchy (Red Peaks) from Kasprowy Wierch [October 5, 2004]

Beautiful Fall colors at the limestone massif of Giewont [October 5, 2004]

Wielki Staw
A marvellous view of the Giant Lake (Wielki Staw) in the Valley of Five Polish Lakes [October 27, 2004]