Tips and Tricks for the CHomP Software

This page contains some hints how to use and tweak the CHomP software. Some of the remarks may be quite specialized. The information gathered at this page usually answers various questions raised by the users.

The default type of coordinates

The default type of coordinates of cubes and cubical cells in the CHomP software is short int, as defined at the beginning of the file cubes/pointset.h as the type coordinate. This restricts the range of the coordinates of cubes to 16-bit signed integers. This type can be changed if necessary, and the change requires the recompilation of all the code.

Types of cubes and cubical cells

There are three different types of cubes and cubical cells defined in the CHomP library, all are templates which take the type of coordinates as an argument. The types are:

Cubical cells also have three different template types which correspond to each of these types of full cubes, and are defined in the files cubes/cellbase.h, cubes/cellfix.h, and cubes/cellvar.h, respectively.

The default type of cubes and cubical cells

The default type of cubes and cubical cells is defined in 4 places in the code, and can be changed if needed, but the change must be done to the 4 places at the same time, or some programs will not compile otherwise. Here is a summary: In all these definitions, one can replace tCubeBase and tCellBase with tCubeVar and tCellVar, respectively. Unfortunately, the template tCubeFix cannot be used, because it requires the knowledge of the dimension of cubes at compile time.